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Marie-Ann Wachtmeister is MAW

Marie-Ann Wachtmeister

Marie-Ann Wachtmeister, the designer behind MAW Jewels, is a partly self-taught jeweller with a passion for functional design and problem solving. Throughout her life she has engaged in different forms of creative expressions. However she initially chose a different path with a successful career as marketing manager and management consultant. In 2007 Marie-Ann realised her dream of working with design by switching to the world of jewellery. Her unconventional background has given her a natural innovative perspective on jewellery design. She strives to create beautiful design that offers a function addressing a need. Marie-Ann is inspired by shapes and material with longevity – existing for ever. This creates design with symmetry, massiveness and purity.

The company

MAW Jewels is a Wacht & TRoy brand and was created by Marie-Ann Wachtmeister in 2010. The brand offers high quality, innovative and colourful jewellery with pure and contemporary design. MAW’s ambition is to develop jewelry that aestethically appeal while providing functional benefits. All collections are handmade in Italy by highly skilled artisans.

Wacht & TRoy, the company behind MAW Jewels, is a jewellery retailer and brand owner offering luxury jewellery standing for novelty, quality and style. Today Wacht & TRoy represents a range of international brands of which MAW Jewels is their own. The company was founded 2010 and named Wacht & TRoy – reflecting the two names of the founders, Marie-Ann Wachtmeister and Estelle de Talhouët Roy. For more information visit website.

In the press

DV (2012) — Sweet Power
Wellness (2012) — Sweet Power
Woman (2012) — Jelly Mice
DV (2012) — Jelly Mice
DV (2012) — Sweet PowerDV (2012) — Sweet Power
Wellness (2012) — Sweet PowerWellness (2012) — Sweet Power
Woman (2012) — Jelly MiceWoman (2012) — Jelly Mice
DV (2012) — Jelly MiceDV (2012) — Jelly Mice

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Get in touch with us

Marie-Ann Wachtmeister

Founder & Creative Director

Estelle de Talhouët-Roy


Ophélie Neau

Web & Office Administrator

Where to find us



Norra Vallgatan 70
211 22 MALMÖ
+46 (0)40 620 02 04
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Guld och Silversmedjan

Västra Mårtensgatan 8D
223 51 LUND
+46 (0)46 211 18 60
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MK Juvel

Södergatan 11
211 34 MALMÖ
+46 (0)40 57 91 00
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Wacht & TRoy

Norra Vallgatan 70
211 22 MALMÖ
+46 (0)40 620 02 04
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Wilhelm Pettersson guldsmed

Drottninggatan 70
+46 (0)8 20 04 90
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